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Siobhan McMillen


   In 2018, when I graduated with my degree in PR and marketing, I knew more about what I didn't want to do than what I did. In college, I learned about how to put a positive spin on a less-than-positive brand, but I wanted to represent brands that valued authenticity as much as I did.
That's why I immediately started my business, McMillen New Media, after graduation. 

Authenticity has paved the way for me as a business owner. When I first started McMillen New Media, I provided a range of services, from social media management and email campaigns to video and photography content creation. Quarantine threw me and my company for a loop since most of my clients were located in CA. I happily dedicated myself to personal projects like shooting my short film, "Fracture" and finishing my first novel.

Through 2021, as life and business have moved back in the direction of 'normal' I've found a niche in wine, lifestyle, and fashion. I love working with brands and influencers to create videos that tell their story, start to finish, with beautiful, intriguing imagery that will inspire their clientel.

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